Hi, babes!

I’m Paula, but my friends call me Polly. It’s a very old nickname with a long uninteresting story behind it, but in short, it was mostly because some friends and I were Nirvana addicts while teens. 

I am an IT lady who started studying Data Processing in the 90’s (when Delphi was “the thing”) and I have been digitally active and kept up to date on Internet technologies ever since. I graduated in 2000.

In 2010, after getting rid of a crazy husband, I started blogging on Parenting, Feminism, Sexism, Violence against Women and Girls, Female Entrepreneurism and the like (on my extinct blog CromossomoX, which I am always planning to “ressurect”, but never have the necessary time left to do so) and this was the starting gun for my career on building WordPress blogs, websites and later on WooCommerce e-commerce stores, at first in an agency, and later, as an Individual Entrepreneur.

About me, personally? I am a pretty 4-eyed nerd chubby tattooed Libertarian Feminist lady, divorced, mother of four, avid reader, weekend cook and cat caregiver (NOT a mom!). A very intelligent, crazy, loving, short fuse, helpful, funny, witty, sarcastic woman, and if you don’t like me, it’s most probably a reciprocal feeling.

Nice to meet you!